This dashboard contains some basic visualizations such as charts, displays and slicers. Custom visualizations were added to this dashboard to compare their functionality vs. the inbuilt ones.


The custom donut chart includes a total in the center, which is an advantage over the inbuilt donut chart in Power Bi. The legend is also unavailable in the default version of donut chart.


These are very useful for detecting trends over time with respect to target values. KPIs can be customized to change colour based on a descending value (such as budget), ascending value (such as revenue and profit) and a ‘closer to’ value (such as heart rate).

The two kpis at the top of the dashboard are the default ones included with power bi. They can be used to detect trends quite easily. However the disadvantage of using the inbuilt kpis is, lack of customization of the trend line. Hovering over the trend line also does not profit with details of that period whereas with the custom kpi it does.

Note: When dealing with months it  is very important to sort by an index of the month or else the trend wont be in the correct order. The month index also has to be set to a whole number data type.

2017-02-07 13_58_38-super retail data - Power BI Desktop.png

Using the slicers it is possible to sort the entire dashboard by a particular point in time or between a range of dates. I have also sorted by product category. Therefore in this example the dashboard shows performance of furniture in 2012 only. Default Kpis are sorted by month and custom kpis sorted by year (why the trend line is absent).

2017-02-07 13_58_53-super retail data - Power BI Desktop.png

Now sorting the custom KPIs by month too, it becomes apparent the advantage of using them. The trend line can be altered between a line or bar chart. Both of which are very clear. Hovering over them shows the values of that period.

2017-02-07 13_59_28-super retail data - Power BI Desktop.png

Clicking on the ‘West’ region within the bar chart in the center of the dashboard. The entire dashboard responds. It is now displaying the month to month performance for the ‘West’ region for ‘Technology’ products.

2017-02-07 14_03_02-super retail data - Power BI Desktop.png

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